Best Space Heaters

For individuals that always feel cold especially while they sleep, then getting a space heater for yourself will definitely be a good decision. Most space heaters are usually more appreciated during winter seasons, where the weather becomes extremely cold and almost unbearable to live in. These Best Space Heaters are usually used indoors, inside our homes, offices, or even classrooms.

Space Heaters

Our Top 3 Best Space Heaters

1. The best space heater overall is the Trustech Ceramic Space Heater

The heater is capable of extinguishing warm air in the space of three seconds after being turned on. It can programm to work for three 12 hours straight without stopping. The Trustech Ceramic Space Heater produces excellent warming results in just the space of three seconds which is actually mind-blowing. It has ceramic heating components that tend to warm up very quickly and its inbuilt fan mechanism blows out hot air, thereby rapidly increasing the atmospheric temperature of a normal-sized room. This heater can produce air that is cooled down to about 59º Fahrenheit or produce air that is as warm as 85º Fahrenheit. It produces your desire temperature all year round and can as well be programmed to operate from 1 to 12 hours straight (nonstop) or it can be left switched on on a permanent basis.

Trustech Ceramic


The heater also has an additional automatic shutdown feature that turns off the heater when it gets too hot, this means you don’t have to worry about it overheating. This automatic shutdown feature helps preserve its functionality. It also has a one-directional function and an oscillatory function that allows it to heat evenly a much larger space. The heater also helps minimize the risk of fire outbreak by blowing cool air for at least 30 seconds after it has been turned off. It’s just an additional safety feature so don’t get too agitated when it happens for the first time.


  • It heats up rapidly and very quickly producing warmimg results in three seconds flat.
  • Has an oscillation option that warms up larger spaces.
  • It has multiple safety features against fire outbreak.


Some customers have had several complaints about the noisy nature of the fan and sub standard temperature control button. The button requires cycling continuously to the highest temperature, sobas to reach lower temperature.


Despite its noisy nature and sub-standard temperature control button, it still remains the best space heater of all time and it very much available at affordable prices.

2. The best high-end space heater is The Dyson Hot + Cool Jet Focus AM09 Fan Heater

This super cool space heater/air conditioner is designed so perfectly that it fits well in any room. It is a high-end space heater that is well known for its vacuums, and it may be the most tech advanced high-end space heater in the market.

The heater uses a “Jet Focus,” operation mechanism that forces air out in a precise and narrow manner. Unlike the oscillation option of the first heater mentioned here, this heater blasts huge amounts of hot air in a particular direction, hence the name jet focus mechanism. So users are able to point the heater in their direction to help them stay warm and toasty. This does not mean that you cannot use the heater to heat up larger spaces around your house or offices. It just means the jet focus mode is more effective and reliable. The heater can also be set to automatically switch itself via its set timer.

Best Space Heaters

Apart from its heating options, the heater also acts as an air conditioner that allows you to keep cool during summer times. While using the heater, it also produces some noise but not in a disturbing manner, simply because of its aerodynamic diffuser feature that helps beat down some of the fans’ noise while using it.


  • Its well-designed structure allows it to fit perfect in all rooms.
  • It includes a remote control for easy operation
  • Has a set timer that also helps preserve its functionality.


  • It is pretty expensive
  • Once the remote is missing or damaged, the user losses access to some of its unique features like the sleep timer option.


As awesome and technologically advanced as the heater is, there are a few setbacks to consider, like, it’s a very expensive heater, and losing the remote control can practically make them heated useless to you. But aside from that ita jet focus option and well-structured design gives it an edge in the space heater market, making it a good catch for most people.


3. The best space heater that’s also a fan, is the Vornado space heater

This space heater offers two different heating features, and also a cooling fan feature. It is a good alternative to the Dyson AM09 space heater which is very expensive. It has some really cool inbuilt high-tech features in addition to its fan and heating qualities.

vornado space heater

For instance, it has an automatic climate control system that allows you to set your ideal temperature for your room and the machine will automatically match your set temperature by blowing considerable amounts of hot air. Its two heating settings match a 750W and 1,500W power output and its fan-only option provides you with the ability to keep cool during hot summer seasons. It even has an automatic timer that you can set from 1 to 12 hours which gives you long operation hours and usage.


  • It has an automatic climate control system
  • Two unique heating settings
  • Provides both heater and fan options.


  • Because of its fan option, it makes a little noise while using it.
  • It is also a tad expensive but not like the Dyson space heater.


Just like any other household device, this space heater also faces its own sets of problems but nevertheless, buying a space heater that also has a fan option for hot summer periods is a good way to spend your money.

Best Space Heaters Buying Guide

Since we have already established the fact that a space heater is a great way to keep your homes and offices nice and warm during long winter seasons, the next step would be how to get one for yourself and what are the factors to consifer when buying one since there are lots of these space heaters out there. These factors to look out for includes;

  1. Room size
  2. Only use space heaters that can match your room size. Smaller models should use for smaller rooms and larger rooms should heat with the appropriate space heater.
  3. Energy-efficient models
  4. Energy-saving models help you save money on your energy bills every single month. These energy-saving models also heat up your room just as effective as the non-energy saving model.
  5. Portability
  6. Your space heaters should still be portable. This allows you to transport it from one room to another with ease.
  7. Design
  8. Since space heaters may one day inevitably be a part of your home furniture, then you need to consider their design.