Best Portable Power Station

Best Portable Power Station is simply define as battery-power electrical devices that provide power to multiple electrical systems. They are mostly use as standby power supply sources when the power goes out in our homes. And they are also good for charging your mobile phones and laptops when camping. If you are enjoying a cool evening breeze or an outdoor fire pit and you need a way to charge your radio sets or speakers while enjoying your outing, then a portable power station can come in very handy. Also, you don’t have to worry about cables extending from your house while using these power stations.
Here are three of the best portable power stations you can get at your own convenience.

Our Top 3 Products

1. Jackery power stations

Jackery power stations

If you are in the market, searching for a powerful and versatile portable power station, then the Jackery Portable Power Station is your best option. The power station has a unique lightweight design that only weighs 3.84 pounds. It also has an easy-carry handle attached to its design that allows you to use them when tailgating, barbecuing or RVing.
It provides a power output of 100 watts and a maximum of 150 peak watts. Then It can be used to power and recharge your laptops, speakers, cameras, and lots more. One of its many advantages and why it is liked by most people is because of its lightweight quality and that it can still be used when it is plugged into a power source.


  • Easy to read LED display screen
  • Compact lightweight design
  • Can use effectively on small device especially laptops
  • It has an LED flashlight that is great for camping.


  • It is not advisable to use this power station on devices that require more than 100 watts of power


It is an extremely lightweight design with a good power output, can use while being connection to a power source, and can recharge your small devices. Finally, it is the best option for people looking for a lightweight power station.

2. Goal zero yeti 400 power stations

Goal zero yeti 400

This Portable Power Station comes in a second-place to the jaggery power station. The power output has an amazing 120 starting watts and then proceeds to 300 watts while it is in use. Because of its power output feature, the Goal Zero yeti 400 portable power station can conveniently serve as a replacement for gas-powered generators, and the power station can also be used to power small appliances and electrical devices including CPAP medical devices, that will most likely stop running when there is a power outage. This portable power station can conveniently be charged in two different ways; you can either charge electrically through a wall socket or you could decide to purchase a compatible solar panel recharging system and charge using the sun’s radiation for about 4 hours. Its power output is its selling point in the market.


  • It has a powerful AC output, USB and 12V.
  • Has two recharge source, solar and wall socket.


  • It is heavy
  • Also it is expensive


This power station has two additional power recharge options. It can use with a CPAP ventilator and has very high power output. It is gold for your indoor and outdoor purposes.

3. Rockpals power station

Rockpals power station

The Rockpals Portable Power Station is an affordable power station that costs only $240, which is a good price given its top-notch features and power output. It has two awesome features, which are the two recharging options and a well-designed sine wave inverter. Having a sine wave inverter means it can be used to power sensitive electronic devices. And this power station has a power output of 250 watts and it is capable of charging your mobile smartphones at least 25 times and your laptops 3 to 5 times. Also, power station can also be used to effectively power your small electrical appliances at home, such as mini-refrigerators, and lights, using the AC output.


  1. Very compact generator that can support almost all small devices
  2. It has two charging source
  3. Also it is very affordable.


It is heavy


This is very much affordable and can use on sensitive electronic devices. It also has a very good power output and that is capable of powering your appliances for long periods of time. And, it is a good power station to consider.


Best Portable Power Station Buying Guide

A portable power station must have certain features that are of interest to you when you want to buy them. Here are a few things to consider before selecting these power stations:

Compatibility with laptops and other sensitive devices

It is important to have a portable power station that can produce pure sine waves, so that your sensitive electronic devices like digital clock radios, laptops and laser printers, can function properly even while charging them. Pure sine waves power station should choose over those that can only produce a modify version.

Additional features

When your portable power stations have certain additional extras like the LED flashlight, which is great for camping trips, or the ability to jump-start a car, which is great for long-distance travel, they become very much appreciable and useful to you.

Recharging options

Having a portable power station that offers a variety of charging options apart from the obvious charging via an AC power outlet, can be very helpful sometimes, especially when you decided to stay off the grid or go for an extended camping trip. These additional charge options could be a compatible solar panel system or using the 12-volt charger within cars.

CPAP capability

CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. It refers to a type of ventilator that uses mild pressure to aid people with breathing problems. This ventilator is mostly use by people with obstructive sleep apnea. If you are suffering from this obstructive airway disease or someone in your family uses a CPAP machine, then a power station that is compatible with this machine can be very helpful.