Best Reclining Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs are basically meant for mobility. If you have been a victim of an accident, old-age, or a certain form of trauma and it has affected your movement, then having the right set of wheelchairs can help make your life easier. Most wheelchairs that are designed nowadays usually come with unique features and provides a variety of movement options, which help make you feel good almost every time and make your movements easier. Reclining wheelchairs are an example of such wheelchairs with unique features for movement.

Reclining wheelchairs usually comes in varieties, depending on types, prices, and brands. These wheelchairs can be beneficial to everyone in need of it and it can also be designed to help specific people with their specific problems. If you are one of those people buying wheelchairs for the first time, then reclining wheelchairs are a good place to start, but it is best to know what you want from these mobility sets. Consider each advantage and disadvantage of these wheelchairs before purchasing any of them.
Below is a list of three of the best reclining wheelchairs you can get at affordable prices.

Our Top 3 Best Products

1. Drive Medical 18″ Silver Sports Reclining Wheelchair

Drive Medical 18″ Silver Sports

This sweet ride is made using the best quality and strong materials. It is one of the sturdiest and most comfortable reclining wheelchairs ever. Its additional upholstery makes cleaning of the wheelchair easier and provides a better lightweight and comfortable experience. Also its carbon steel frame contributes greatly to its sturdy nature and a silver lining finish gives it more style. Its mag-like wheels also make it easy to use and recline.

A set of precision sealed bearings makes the chair more durable, long-lasting, and reliable. This awesome wheelchair requires little maintenance and its hydraulic reclining system allows for a 180-degree adjustment. It also has an additional arm support extension which makes regulating reclining position a lot easier. This wheelchair makes the best user-friendly wheelchair in existence.



One important characteristic of a good wheelchair is its ability to provide comfort to its user. The Drive Medical Silver Sport reclining wheelchairs provide this desired comfort while being made from the best materials in existence. It’s nylon upholstery which contributes to its lightweight and easy to clean as well as its carbon steel frame that adds to its sturdy nature and its silver lining that gives it more style makes this wheelchair one of a kind.

State of the art quality wheels and features

This wheelchair is both user friendly and easy to recline because of its mag-style wheels. Precision sealed bearings boost its reliability and durability and it is essentially maintenance-free.


The wheelchair has a hydraulic reclining system, that allows users to adjust its wheels by up to 180 degrees. It also has an arm extension support system that helps supports the reclining position.


As awesome as this wheelchair is, it also has its shortcomings. This wheelchair has problems when it is used to move through narrow doorways. As inconveniencing as this defect is, it can be easily dealt with by seeking the assistance of someone you know. You can then move through such narrow doorways effortlessly.


If you are looking for a user friendly, durable, and easy to use a wheelchair, then the Drive Medical Silver Sport Reclining Wheelchair is the best one for you. With its high-quality and sturdy materials, wheels, bearings, and reclining system, you are sure to get good results for your money.

2. Medline 20″ Reclining Wheelchair

Medline 20"

This Wheelchair is the best wheelchair for everybody, irrespective of age or gender who has to exercise their legs on a daily basis or recline their bodies every once in a while. People using leg casts and splints after surgery are better off with this wheelchair. Its easy-to-use and elevated leg rest are specifically designed to aid people in this category. The chair also provides some form of comfort to its user and has the ability to recline by at least 90 to 140.

It also has a carbon steel frame, vinyl upholstery, and a chip-proof chrome for its durability. Also it has an adjustable recline that also helps improve mobility.


Elevated leg rests

For users that have gone through surgery that needed a splint or a leg cast, the easy to use elevated leg rest of the Medline reclining wheelchair can be of great help.

Allows 90 to 140 degrees reclination

This user-friendly wheelchair has a reclination of 90 to 140 degrees, thereby providing more comfort and mobility while seating on the chair.


Three unique features, the carbon steel frame, the vinyl upholstery, and the chip-resistant chrome contribute to the chronic durability of this wheelchair.


In as much as this wheelchair provides comfort for its users, the seating material of the chair still needs a little bit of work. Improving the seating system of the chair will definitely provide more comfort to possible buyers. But this minor drawback is nothing compared to the huge benefit of the wheelchair.


It goes without saying that buying the Medline 20 reclining wheelchair is definitely money well spent. Its unique features can attest to the chair’s quality, comfort, and durability.


3. Roscoe Medical 22″ ProBasics Best Reclining Wheelchairs

Roscoe Medical 22″ ProBasics

This wheelchair comes with a swing-away and detachable leg rests. These detachable leg rest come installed in the wheelchair and are easy to use. They provide the optimum angle of adjustment for the desired sitting position. With the chair’s customizable leg rest with calf pads, users are able to adjust their legs in the right position while reclining the chair.

With this wheelchair, you can make desired adjustments to its angle of declination at any point in time for your comfort. This is why many people consider this wheelchair the best reclining wheelchair in the market. It has a finger trigger release for its reclination system, making it very easy to use. The pre-installed back onto tillers and headrest extension also provides comfort to users.


The detachable leg rests and the swing sway that is often Integrate into the chair provides comfort for your legs while adjusting the angle of declination of the chair.

Reliable reclining system

The reclining system comes with a finger trigger, making the reclination Mechanism much smoother and easy to use.

Provides extra comfort and safety

The headrest extension and the back anti-tippers support system that is integrate into the wheelchair is what provides this additional comfort.


Some patients may experience some difficulty when operating the reclination mechanism of the wheelchair. But once you get the hang of it, it becomes very easy to use.


ProBasics by Invacare Full Reclining Wheelchair is the best reclining wheelchair despite its minor flaw. It’s a great investment as it has plenty of relevant features including the elevating leg rests, reclining mechanism, and the headrest extension and rear anti-tippers that further improve its ability to make you safe and comfortable.

Best Reclining Wheelchairs Buyer’s Guide

Before attempting to purchase any reclining wheelchair, not only the ones listed in this article, you should consider the following factors;

Adjustable Armrests

Having a wheelchair with an adjustable armrest makes mobility easier. These armrests can be pulle up, some are completely detachable, which give the required convenience and space needed for better movement, especially around tight corners. They also provide some form of comfort for the users.

Tilt Option

With the tilt option, users are able to avoid skin issues, because the weight of the person is evenly distribute around the chair.

Cushion or Seat Pans

The cushions of your wheelchairs also add to your comfort while seating. The seat pads should be in good shape (hard), to effectively support the cushions.

Anti-tipping System

This option should add to make patients that are afraid of accidents happening as a result of over tilting of the wheelchair. It will make them feel more relaxed when using it.

Folding Option

If you are a business person or your job entails a lot of traffic, then having a set of wheels that is foldable will be more convenient for you because it gives you convenience and enhances your mobility.
Apart from these obvious factors, you should also consider price, headrests, load capacity, and weight before buying a wheelchair.