Best Shower Wheelchair

A disabled person only feels better when he or she takes care of himself or herself without entirely depending on any family member. Independence also helps them in healing both emotionally and physically and strengthens their relationship with friends and families. Just as electronic wheelchairs have eased movement from one place to another as compared to manual wheelchairs. The best shower wheelchair has provided the same advantage and enabled the disabled to clean themselves with ease. In addition to that, the best shower wheelchairs have a seat. Which can be connected to the toilet seat, embracing a higher hygiene level.

Our Top 3 Best Products

DMI Rolling Shower & Commode Transport Wheelchair

DMI Rolling Shower & Commode Transport Wheelchair

The Duro-med shower wheelchair with padded toilet seat helps in transporting patients and loved ones to and from the shower with ease while providing the patients with the comfort that they need when showering. The presence of a commode transfer helps in transferring patients who cannot stand in the showers for a long time and those who are recovering from surgeries. The wheelchair also has large wheels, which makes moving around the floor and carpets much easier.


  • Waterproof seat and backrest. The rolling wheelchair has a waterproof seat and backrest making it much easier to maintain. Because one does not need to constantly worry about changing the seat when it comes in contact with water.
  • The rolling shower wheelchair has a toilet seat compartment, making it easier to roll the wheelchair over a standard toilet seat.
  • The large wheels help the wheelchair to move easily and swiftly on carpets and floors.
  • The rolling wheelchair is also safe and secure in that the wheels have a lock to ensure stability and help a patient or the disabled to shower in one place without rolling. In addition to that, the presence of the armrest offers additional security, ensuring that the patient can sit and stand without any difficulties.
  • The presence of the non-slip seat surface is important. Because of it has been designed in such a way that it drains water when showering to protect against water buildup.

Pros of the DMI Rolling Shower and Commode Transport Wheelchair

  • Minimal maintenance. The rolling wheelchair requires minimal maintenance because it has a waterproof seat and backrest. The cover does not require to be changed from time to time. Because they are designed to be used mostly to drain excess water after showering. In addition to that, the padded seat and backrest offer excellent comfort to the users, and they do not have to complain about any discomfort.
  • The DMI rolling wheelchair helps the patient in moving swiftly around the bathroom, and they do not need to worry about tripping over. Because the wheels are large enough to maintain stability. Furthermore, the shower wheelchair has wheel locks, which enable the patient or the disabled to stay in one place and shower, and he or she can unlock the wheel once done.
  • The presence of a pivoted armrest also gives comfort to patients when showering as they can rest back and let the shower run on their bodies.
  • The DMI rolling shower wheelchair offers patients safety when moving in and out of the shower chair. All that is required is for the wheels to be locked so that the patient can get on the chair, unlock them when moving and lock them again when the patient is getting out of the wheelchair.

Cons of the DMI Rolling and Commode Transport Shower Wheelchair

  • Some of the users of this shower wheelchair have complained about the difficulty in assembling the wheelchair parts. This is a great disadvantage, especially since the wheelchair has many product parts, which may take time to put together.
  • when the wheelchair has been in use for many years. The wheels might fail to lock properly as compare to that is new.


I think that the DMI Duro-med rolling shower wheelchair is the best wheelchair that families with disabled members or patients. For who is suffering from stroke and back problems can use at home. This is because the shower wheelchair offers great comfort when moving around and can easily adjuste on a standard wheelchair. This is a greater advantage because you do not need to move the patients in. Also out of the shower wheelchair to help themselves in the toilet. Furthermore, the presence of the wheel locks helps in improving stability while reducing the chances of tripping over.


Best Shower Wheelchair Buying Guide

Buying the best shower wheelchair is essential. Especially if your patient has is disable, or is extremely sick and cannot move around the house with ease. Also, you should choose a product that will serve you for an extended period without having to spend additional costs on maintenance. Some of the factors to consider before settling for a shower wheelchair include the following:

  • Choose shower wheelchairs that have both backrest and armrest for additional support and comfort. In addition to that, you can choose from wheelchairs, which have either removable or non-removable armrests.
  • Different brands offer different advantages. And it is only logical to choose from a brand or a model that will last you much longer, with minimal or no frequent maintenance. Moreover, the wheelchair should be able to withstand regular use in water conditions. This helps in saving up more money, which can use in other emergencies.
  • Ensure that the shower wheelchair that you choose has compartments, which help the patient or the disabled in storing their toiletries. This is important, especially for patients who cannot stand to pick the different toiletries that they will need in showering. There are some shower wheelchair models, which have been design in such a way that they can hold handheld showerheads.
  • Choose a shower wheelchair that is of an appropriate height and convenient for the user. Select one that is tall enough for the user, allowing him or her to rest his feet on the floor, with the knees bent to ninety degrees while showering.
  • Choose a wheelchair that can support the weight of your patient.
  • The seat should be wide enough and comfortable for use.