Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers Reviews and Buying

Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers are probably the most convenient way to bring your music along with you to picnics, beaches, outdoor adventures, evening outings, and so on. Nearly all Bluetooth speakers have the same sound quality, if not better, than most wired speakers you can get at affordable prices in the market. Note that as of this hear 2020, many of these portable Bluetooth speakers now comes with an in-built voice assistant like Alexa or Google assistant. This makes it possible for these smart speakers to control your smart home devices.

Bluetooth speakers are the ideal set of speakers for individuals that cannot afford a new set of speakers for every occasion. These Bluetooth speakers are able to serenade us in all situations, In our homes during our relaxation hours. There are lots of varieties of Bluetooth speakers ranging from affordable desk speakers to high-tech portable speakers but note that specifications don’t necessarily mean quality in these speakers. Some of these speakers can be used around pools and beaches because they are designed to be water-resistant.
Below is a list of 3 of the best portable Bluetooth speakers in 2020;

Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers Comparison Table

Portable Bluetooth SpeakersFeaturesPrice
Best Portable Bluetooth SpeakersSonos MoveIt has an incredible sound system featureCheck Price
Best Portable Bluetooth SpeakersUltimate Ears Boom 3It is both waterproof and dust-proofCheck Price
Best Portable Bluetooth SpeakersAnker Soundcore FlareHas a very impressive sound regardless of its sizeCheck Price
Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers Comparison Table

Our Top 3 Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers

1. Sonos Move

Sonos Move

The sonos move Bluetooth speaker is said to be the best Bluetooth speaker in the market. This speaker practically brings the party indoors and outside because of its quality sound system. The speaker is so impressive that it can not only be used as your on-the-go party station but also as your main wireless speaker at home.
The sonos move is so much technologically advanced than your average Bluetooth speaker. It has two high tech drivers, and up to date app that allows playback from lots of wireless sources, multi-room qualities, and a smart audio-tuning feature that modifies sound output depending on the speaker’s environment. It is a unique and very versatile speaker that stands at the pinnacle of all Bluetooth speakers.

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  • It has an incredible sound system feature
  • As stated before, it is very versatile
  • Has one of the best Bluetooth connectivity


  • It is relatively heavy
  • It is also quite expensive


The sono moves Bluetooth speaker is not that perfect. It is somewhat heavy which can be very discouraging, it is also expensive which could be an inconvenience for some people. But in a nutshell, it is still the best Bluetooth speaker in the market.

2. Ultimate Ears Boom 3

Ultimate Ears Boom 3

The ultimate ears boom 3 is one of the best Bluetooth speakers in the market that is suitable for traveling with. It is still one of the best Bluetooth speakers that are very much affordable in 2020. This speaker has a good sound system that gets loud and produces clear sound on an increase in volume. It is a compact and lightweight speaker that is great for traveling and taking on camping trips. It is also durable and long-lasting.
It is waterproof, dust-proof, and also has a one-touch mix button that lets you select music on your favorite playlists without the need of picking up your phone.

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  • It is both waterproof and dust-proof
  • An awesome sound system with a powerful sound
  • Has a dense and rugged design for protection.


The audio can can sound a little bit distorted while using it on higher volumes.


It is a relatively high spec speaker with a very good price, despite its quality sound system and rugged design for protection. Although, the sound could be a little clearer.

3. Anker Soundcore Flare

Anker Soundcore Flare

This speaker is the best budget Bluetooth speaker in 2020. In as much as the speaker is very much affordable, the sound system could use a little work. It is also am excellent water proof speaker, that can be used conveniently around pools and beaches.

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  • Has a very impressive sound regardless of its size
  • An up to date and easy to use mobile app
  • Convenient and compact to carry around
  • It is a waterproof Bluetooth speaker


Sound can become distorted and harsh at maximum volume.


The Anker soundcore Flare Bluetooth speaker is an amazing speaker at an affordable price. It has a top-notch sound system but could have harsh sounds ay max volumes. It is convenient and compact. If you are looking for a good speaker with quality sounds and specs, and also affordable then the Anker soundcore flare is your best option.


Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers Buying Guide

Just like most products, there are several, amazing Bluetooth speakers in the market today, with the latest inbuilt high tech specifications. Because of this dilemma, most people can find it very difficult to select one for themselves. Here is how you can decide;

Firstly, some speakers are mostly designed with their durability in mind, others are favoured to be weather, dust, and waterproof for both camping and pool usage. Furthermore, some of these speakers are not fit for the outdoors and would also not do much but look pretty inside your homes instead.

So, if you still can’t decide on what speakers to choose or buy, then you should start by imagining where you are going to use it and then go for a speaker that is compatible with that setting. This simply means that if you are the outdoor type and like to hang out around beaches and go camping, then selecting a speaker that has waterproof and dustproof quality should be your first choice.

But, if you are one of those people that love to a party a lot, then you should get a speaker that gives you the ability to connect two speakers together or buy a speaker with a multi-point pairing system that permits multiple devices to connect at a time. Also a long-lasting battery, good, sound quality, and design are also very important for all speakers.