<strong>How to Rebuild Traffic after Taking A Break</strong>

You took a break from blogging and when you got back into it, you discover that you lost a lot of the traffic you were previously getting. You slap yourself on the forehead and you tend to feel unmotivated and lost. So what do you do? In this blog post I will talk about my experience in taking a break from blogging and what I’m doing to rebuild traffic back to it!

When you feel like you’re getting burnt from coming up with new ideas and you’re regurgitating the same content over and over again, then it’s about that time to take a break to rejuvenate yourself.

As you know, when you come back from taking those breaks, it’s inevitable that you will lose some traffic. When I came back, I lost about 30% of my traffic, which is huge for me.

But of course that’s not the end of the world.

I not only have a strategy of where I’m going to get my traffic, but also when I came back from my 2 breaks, I discovered some other alternative ways to generate more traffic back to my blog.

Some ideas of streamlining

I came up with some ideas of streamlining my online marketing efforts in blogging, email marketing, and using social media more.

My goal here is to show you what I’m currently doing to rekindle what I had before as well as instill some hope and confidence for all of you that lost traffic after taking a break.

5 Simple Ways To Rebuild Your Incoming Traffic 

You feel like you were on top of the world with your incoming traffic. Also you came back from taking a break from blogging, you find that you lost the traffic you once had.

You probably said to yourself, “I should’ve taken my laptop with me so I can maintain my targeted traffic.” But of course, that defeats the purpose.

Your intentions was to come back stronger, rejuvenated. Full of ideas to make the necessary improvements to be of more value to your blog visitors. You can also generate ideas by rewriting articles using best Article Rewriters recommended by Delhi Training Courses Official Blog.

So taking breaks, is a great idea, and don’t worry! It’s a great way to figure out ways to not be so monotonous and come up with ways to add a little more flavor to your blog as well as for the rest of your online marketing campaigns.

So here are some simple ways of what I’m doing to rebuild my traffic back to what it was. I give myself about a month for it to get it back to where it was, and I do believe that these ways will help you as well.

Rebuild Traffic

#1. Get back to being social on social media and your blog

When it comes to Google and other search engines, their main focus from my research is how social you are, whether it be on social media or on your blog.

They want to see how much you engage and interact with other people. They use this information to determine if they will push you up the ranks online. 

As far as social media, the majority of the content I post are usually quotes and on other people’s blog posts. Besides that, I usually comment on other peoples posts, mainly on facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.

As far as my blog goes, when I came back, there were a lot of comments from blogging friends and visitors I had to reply to. As a matter of fact, as of right now there are still some comments I have to reply to. This definitely shows that I wasn’t forgotten and that I still have a great connection with them.

Staying connected and engagement is what it’s all about when it comes to growing your presence through blogging and your online business.

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#2. Read and Comment on Blogs within your niche

As much as it feels tedious to some, this is a great way to really get back into the blogosphere.

Reading so many blogs and commenting on them can be quite a tedious task at times for me. But what I really get out of going to different blogs is the knowledge that I gain, meeting new people online, getting to know them on social media, as well as getting to know them when they reply to my comments.

The knowledge and the blogger behind the blog is really what I focus on. With that mindset you can really grow you presence.

And ultimately, you can regain your position when it comes to traffic. That is, targeted traffic within your niche.

Rekindle your friendships with some of your favorite bloggers and get acquainted with some new bloggers that provide the value you want. As you comment and engage on other blogs, you set yourself up for repositioning and going beyond the threshold

#3. Share your old relevant posts

Hence the word “relevant”. Yes I wrote over 300 posts within the past 3 years of this blog. There were quite a few of them that really weren’t relevant towards my visitor’s interests and what I’m trying to accomplish currently.

My goal is to provide the information and tools for you to succeed with your online business using Blogging, PPC, Email Marketing, Social Media, etc…

This is what I want to get across to visitors, which is why it’s important that you round up your old relevant posts and provide your target market the information that they long for.

You can keep a tally on your rebuild traffic using tools like Google Analytics. How important is this? You ever wonder why a lot of people figure out who their target market is, but still aren’t getting the results they want? Or maybe it’s you that’s not benefitting?

#4. Communicate with your subscribers list

The money is literally in the list!

I know you heard this a bazillion times, but it’s definitely true.

But you have to remember that they subscribed to your list for a specific reason, and that is to gain value from you in order for them to be successful.

Constantly maintaining a connection with them is key! A great analogy would be someone born with natural talent. Although someone maybe more naturally inclined to basketball, piano, sales, or whatever. You still need to sharpen those skills in order to get the best out of it.

Same goes for you and your subscriber list. Even though they opted in, you still have to sharpen your relationship with them. I believe that 95% of the sale are the relationships you build with your list and audience.

If you’re sincere about them and their success, then you will have a better chance if it be reciprocated back to you when you promote whatever you’re marketing.

#5. Revamp Your Blog and Email Messages

When I was working at a University, I remember one of my coworkers saying “Everything that is real is subject to change”.

This is very true, especially when it comes to blogging and your online campaign. You definitely want to make the necessary changes. Tou can maintain the results you want, or even get better results.

I tend to write more email messages. My main focus is for them to be more relatable to those visitors that opt into my site. I want them to relate to my struggles as well as provide them the solutions that really got me over.

Also I want my visitors to be able to relate and get to know me better on my blog. I’m going to revamp my About Me page by getting a little more personable and create a summary of my struggles, my growth, and answers that I found that helped me get better results.

Now it’s Your Turn!

These are simple activities to regain your rebuild traffic. There are many of my blogging friends that may already know this. But for the majority of bloggers, they tend to go through a “drought” whenever they take their breaks. Don’t get back into the habit of doing these simple tasks to push them forward after their breaks.

But this is what I started back doing, and these are how I’m getting back to my traffic position rapidly. The small changes I’m about to make will hopefully get me beyond the threshold of the previous traffic I was getting.

But I hope this helps many of you who want to regain their traffic after taking breaks. And for those of you who have lost traffic and regain your traffic, what can you add to this list? What did you do to regain your traffic? Are there any more convenient ways you came up with? Please share comments below and share this post with your friends. I look forward to reading them!