Best Standby Generator Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Standby Generator

Basically, standby generators are backup systems that provides electricity automatically whenever there is power outage in your home. If you reside in an area where power outage is a norm, then you need to consider getting one of the standby generators that we are about to share.

The generators we will be sharing here were not just randomly picked. The selection process was based on the information collected from the reviews of buyers about each of the standby generators. With this, you will definitely not be making the mistake of getting anything less in value.

Our Top 3 Best Standby Generator

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1. Champion Power Equipment 14kW Generator

Best Standby Generator

When it come to power generation, Champion Power Equipment is one of the best standby generators with all that you can ever ask for. This standby generator has an ergonomic and striking design with a rather unique appreance. With this, 14kW power outage, you won’t be needing any further backups for your home. Champion Power Equipment was designed to operate optimally in both extremely hot and cold weather conditions. More so, the 10 years limited warrantt also proves that this generator is no doubt one of the best on the market.

Apart for its general ability of being able to provide adequate power for your home, this Champion Power Equipment 14kW Generator was also designed to be technologically inclined. This fuel-efficient machine has an automatic on and off system that helps to switch on the generator when their is power outage and switch it off when the power of comes back. Also, Champion Power Equipment 14kW Generator is among the few standby generators which supplies 14,000 watts on liquid propane and 12,500 watts while on natural gas.

Also, this generator is very environmental friendly. With its 754cc OHV engine, it is able to supply the steady need of power with a sound muffling lining and low-tone muffler. The operating volume is also about 63.5 dBA.


  • Champion Power Equipment 14kW Generator delivers high quality power which has a harmonic distortion of less than 5%
  • This generator has a gull-wing design. This unique design gives you the direct and easy access to the control panel of the generator.
  • It has 24 volt ignition system that is fully functional with no need for a warning system wirth the temperature range of -22° F to 104° F.


  • The unit generator itself is heavy, making installation too quite expensive
  • Champion Power Equipment 14kW Generator is not a Silent generator

2. Generac 22kW best standby generator reviews

Best Standby Generator

This is the perfect solution to your power problems if you often have power outage in your locality. Generac Guardian is a 22,000 watts generator on propane and 19,500 watts if you choose to power it using natural gas. The readily available features on the generator allows you to remotely monitor the activities of your generator on your smart phone or PC.

Designed with a G-force pressure lubricated engine, Generac Guardian has the capacity to handle the loads of a whole house without any difficulties. Also, Generac Guardian has a NEMA 3 smart transfer switch, series of controllers which helps in monitoring the battery size and the maintenance intervals. With all these, you will be able to keep your generator is an excellent condition.

Furthermore, this generator has a five years warranty. This gives you the assurance that you are getting value in return for the money been paid.


  • This standby generator has a self test mode which easily helps you to check if everything is working the way it ought to.
  • It offers a clean and stable energy
  • The outer design of this generator is exquisite. It is designed using an  all-aluminum enclosure with a powder coated finish which has Rhinocoat. This coat prevents the rust of its engine parts.


  • The major problem with the use of Generac is the need for frequent maintenance.

3. Briggs & Stratton 20,000 watt home backup standby generator

Best Standby Generator

When it comes to power generation, Briggs & Stratton is no doubt a giant in the industry. Running on both gas and propane, you can’t run out of options when it comes to the choice of fuel to use.

 Briggs & Stratton 20,000 watt generator has a transfer switch that helps switch on the generator quickly whenever their is a power outage. With its black out sensory system, you won’t have to go switch on your generator manually when their is a power outage.


  • It has a commercially graded vanguard engine
  • Made with a rust free steel to prevent from external corrosion

The Buying Guide Of Standby Generator

The output of generators are measured in watts. This simply means that the amount of power that each generator supplies is measured in watts and this also determines the amount of energy the appliances in your home will consume. With this, you will be able to strike a balance and buy a standby generator with the power needed to satisfy your home..

After this, you need to start by making a list of all the appliances in your home and the amount of energy that each consumes. When that is done, you can add them up and get a net value. With this, you will be able to figure out what exactly you need in a standby generator.