Best Infrared Sauna Reviews and Buying Guide

A sauna is not a new product on the market. For years now, since the ancient Rome empire period, people realized the importance of having it. However, they weren’t sophisticated and simplified as the modern infrared saunas. Historically, steam Infrared Sauna was used; in their place came the infrared saunas, which can instantly produce heat for a faster effect than having to wait for the systems to heat up. With this convenience, you can get good saunas on amazon, and the better part is that some are portable. The thrill of owning or using a sauna is for comfort, relaxation, and all other forms of therapy that will get you refreshed and rejuvenated. Thus, this article will take you through some of the best three infrared saunas on amazon, and a complete package for the product will be discussed as well.

Best Infrared Sauna Comparison Table

Infrared SaunaFeaturesPrice
Best Infrared SaunaRadiant Saunas BSA6315 Harmony Deluxe Oversized Portable SaunaThe Harmony oversized portable Infrared Sauna guarantees comfort in the face of a canvas chair.Check Price
Best Infrared SaunaSereneLife Portable Infrared Home SpaThe sauna tent has been designed for a single person and is further fitted with a remote that controls the automatic temperature and timer.Check Price
Best Infrared SaunaJNH Lifestyles NE1HB Ensi Infrared SaunaThe product comes with six carbon fiber heaters, which are tested and confirmed not to contain any form of EMF.Check Price
Best Infrared Sauna Comparison Table

Our Top 3 Best Infrared Sauna

1. Radiant Saunas BSA6315 Harmony Deluxe Oversized Portable Sauna

Radiant Saunas BSA6315 Harmony Deluxe

The Harmony oversized portable Infrared Sauna guarantees comfort in the face of a canvas chair. It is designed to give you comfort and style anywhere you go. The sauna is perfectly fitted with four panels for heating made of carbon assuring you of warm surroundings anywhere, and anytime it is in use. Furthermore, the Infrared Sauna is equipped with a floor mat, which is padded, a canvas chair that perfectly fits inside the Infrared Sauna, and supported by stable metal support guaranteeing security and safety. This product is also designed to accommodate persons as tall as 6′.5″. Additionally, the fact that the product is portable vouches for it all way. You are thereby able to walk or travel with your spa. Harmony oversize portable sauna easily folds and does not need close attention for operation, and these properties make it easily portable and easier to use.

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  • This sauna measures 32 x 33 x 41 inches with a weight of 24 pounds. Its small size and manageable weight are convenient for portability.
  • The item’s manufacturer is Blue Wave Products, which labeled it as a number
  • The product enjoys excellent reviews on amazon, having scored 4.4 out of 5 stars.
  • It has a sanitary air ionizer to sieve away dirt keeping your air fresh.
  • It comes with a UL-approved 6.5ft electric power cable that supplies 120V, 60Hz, 900W of power.
  • There is a fitted controller inside, which allows you to set the timer – there are a total of 6 options for an auto set.


  • Has plenty of space which can fit tall people up to 6.5ft
  • Excellent coverage on the footpad
  • Therapeutic


  • Concerns overheating variations
  • The four installed carbon panels are not consistent with the EMF fields that were declared.

2. SereneLife Portable Infrared Home Spa

SereneLife Portable Infrared Home Spa

The sauna tent has been designed for a single person and is further fitted with a remote that controls the automatic temperature and timer. This feature enables the user to personalize the steam to the best of their liking. This sauna is capable of being programmed to manage heating sessions of up to 60mins with maximum temperatures of 1400F.
SereneLife Portable Infrared Home Spa is made convenient for usage by including zippers, which release your hands such that you can go through books, shuffle playlist have drinks, etc. while you get cozy.

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  • The sauna comes with a footpad heating mat
  • The measurements of this sauna are 27 x 31 x 37 inches
  • Small compact size enables it to fit in a small room
  • It is therapeutic


  • It is moisture-resistant, which makes it ideal for camping escapades.
  • Numerous health benefits such as stress reliever.


  • Limited accommodation.

The product is an excellent addition that seemingly wows everyone.


3. JNH Lifestyles NE1HB Ensi Infrared Sauna

JNH Lifestyles NE1HB Ensi

The product comes with six carbon fiber heaters, which are tested and confirmed not to contain any form of EMF. The heaters are fitted on the backside of the panel and the calf area to ensure sufficient and equal distribution of heat. The Canadian hemlock wood was used to reinforce, which was constructed with a tongue and groove to increase the efficiency of the gadget and double insulated to prevent heat loss. The tampered glass was used to make the windows and doors for their known ability to withstand high thermal temperatures. Also, the glass used is transparent meaning you can see through it. This feature helps claustrophobic individuals. The cabin panels are nevertheless fitted with a premium sound system consisting of speakers and Bluetooth connectivity and a remote. And, it has a three-year warranty offer for tech support.

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  • Constructed by pure hemlock wood from Canada
  • Fitted with carbon heaters which have extremely low EMF
  • Insulated by the dual wood wall
  • Equipped with a sound system
  • The panel is reinforced with tempered glass, which endures high temperatures.
  • Its net weight is 407 lbs


  • Easy to transport
  • Allows audio entertainment
  • Ensures little or no heat losses
  • Made of long-lasting wood, hence effective


  • Heavy
  • Not portable


With a review rating of 4.3/5 stars, it is clear that this particular sauna is the best market product. However, few impartments need to be looked at, such as electric usage.

Best Infrared Sauna Buying guide

After checking out the item on the Amazon website, you will be notified of the number of days shipping will take. After this, you are advised to put in place arrangements for a third-party provider. And since delivery is always done at the curbside, your third-party contact will then be tasked to bring the item to you.

From the ratings, you can see that this sauna is everyone’s choice. From its lightweight feature to a power conserver, the product’s specification shows it as a piece of design that will genuinely guarantee you the best service.

The market is flooded with some of the best saunas, however, if you are a new buyer these are some of the factors to consider:

  • Portability of the sauna
  • Safety of the sauna
  • Therapy range
  • The time it takes to get you sweating