Best Adult Tricycle Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Adult Tricycle

Despite the long list of automobile means of transportation that are very comfortable and pleasing, tricycles has practically not been able to leave our hearts. This conventional bicycle with three separate wheels are no doubt one of the best ways to have some fun while you exercise your body in the process.

But for you to have access to the practical benefits of riding a tricycle, you need to get a tricycle that is equally up to the task. Your welcome choice of tricycle is way more than looking out for those with exceptional designs. What you need the most is the quality, the comfort derived and the strength hat is attached to having the tricycle.

Do you wish to get your own tricycle but you don’t know how to go about it because you can’t afford to buy something less compared to what you hope to buy? Right here, we will be taking you through the best available adult tricycle and their respective features.

Our Top 3 Best Adult Tricycle

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1. Schwinn Meridian Adult 3-Wheel Bike

Best Adult Tricycle

Schwinn Meridian Adult tricycle is one of the best on the market. With over 2000 sales on amazon, this tricycle should no doubt be on the top of your list of the best adult tricycles. Schwinn Meridian Adult tricycle 26 inches in height and it has 3 wheel that are durable and swift. To aid mobility, this tricycle was made with light weight aluminum that is highly durable.

Schwinn Meridian Adult tricycle was designed to be able to mount and dismount. This simple design will make it quite easy for you to transport it in your car whenever it is unmounted. Also, this type of tricycle boast of having alloy rims with Stainless Steel spokes. This wheel system ensures that you have a smooth and comfortable ride at all times.

Designed to ensure your comfort while riding your tricycle, Schwinn Meridian Adult tricycle was designed with a spring cruiser. This gives you the best experience while you ride your tricycle..


  • Should in case you want to go grocery shopping, Schwinn Meridian Adult tricycle has a rear folding basket will enough space to occupy all you need to carry around..
  • Unlike other tricycles, assembling Schwinn Meridian Adult tricycle is quite easy and simple. This is majorly because they have less assembling parts.


  • According to many customers, Schwinn Meridian Adult tricycle has a bouncy and springy seat. This is even more pronounced when you are riding through a bumpy road.

2. Mantis Tri-Rad Folding Adult Tricycle

Best Adult Tricycle

Nothing seems to come perfect, but in the case of this tricycle it can be considered close to been perfect. This Mantis Tri-Rad Trike is a tricycle you will love to keep to yourself if you are given the opportunity to take a quick ride. This tricycle offers a comfortable worry-free ride even if you are riding pass a uneven terrain. With it low cut frame, you will find it quite easy to mount and ride without the risk of losing control while on the ride..

When it comes to design, This Mantis Tri-Rad Trike is one of a kind. It has an luminum rim which measures 20 X 1.75 inch and it also have a white wall kenda tires which helps to improve your riding experience. Also, it has a drivetrain with a single speed, one piece crank. The combination of all these makes it quite easy for you to ride your tricycle without any difficulty.

There are also other additional features that will definitely interest you. These includes, a parking brake, Front V-brake with parking brake, a comfortable saddle, rear basket, and a Front fender.


  • This tricycle was designed with a folding frame for quick storage
  • Offers a comfortable platform for rides irrespective of the distance


  • It has a drive terrain with only just a single speed setting.

3. Mobo Triton Adult Tricycle Cruiser

Best Adult Tricycle

If you are type that wants something stylish, you need to actually take a look at this  stunning Mobo Adult Tricycle. With a dual joystick system, a rugged chassis, and a free-wheel mechanism, this tricycle is no doubt one of the best tricycle available for you.

Also, this tricycle goes extra mile to help design a system which have superior maneuverability. This simple system give you the coordination that you need to control your tricycle without any difficulty.

Being a a perfect therapy for exercises, this tricycle hopes to offers you comfort that you desire. It has an ergonomic seating that helps to minimize the pressures being exerted at you or back. This helps alleviate all kinds of back pain and make things easier for you.

Additionally, it offers superior maneuverability and enhances hand-eye coordination to offer you first-class experience regardless of whether you’re an amateur or a skilled rider. The ergonomic recumbent seating adds minimal pressure to your back.


  • Designed with a recumbent style that is elegant in nature. This simple process helps reduce arm and shoulder pain


  • It is quite expensive compared to other types of tricycles.

Buyer’s Guide on How to Buy an Adult Tricycle

When it comes to buying a tricycle, you can’t afford to make a mistake. Mainly because the money you will be paying for the tricycle is way more than what you should get something less in value for. To do this, there are certain things you need to consider.

Below are some of the things you need to always consider if you want to buy the best tricycle.

Firstly, you need to check if the desired tricycle has a a large seating,  the sturdy capacity of the frame, and if it can be folded or not. After then, you can then go ahead to check the body design if it suits your taste or not.