7 Small Laundry Room Ideas for Tiny Apartments: Prepare To Be Amazed

Meta: Finding space for a washer in a tiny home is a pain in the neck. What if I tell you that you can have a pretty laundry room with these 7 tips that leave no inch of space unconsidered!

Though doing the washing is probably one of the most unpleasant chores ever, a laundry room, or at least a washing machine is at the top of most urbanites’ wish lists.

I asked two friends of mine who live in a tiny apartment in the Big Apple about how they do their laundry. They chuckled and said they didn’t have such luxury to do the chore at home. Every Sunday, their only rest day, they have to lug a big hamper down to the laundromat and spend a big chunk of the day hanging around there, waiting for the machines to finish. 

Despite the obvious annoyance and maybe poor sanitation problems, I was wondering if they had a money tree to afford all these expensive coin washers. And unfortunately, there are many city dwellers out there who have already given up on the hope of owning a washer/ dryer unit in their small homes. 

First, some landlords don’t allow a washing machine in the apartment. Well, if that’s the case, there is nothing you can do unless you move. Then if you’re allowed to bring one in, you need to place it near a bathroom or kitchen (which is usually unimaginably small) where it can be connected to the plumbing system.

Moreover, in an ideal world, you’ll buy a dryer with a vent who has to be near an exterior wall. Feeling like giving up yet?

If so, please don’t. Cuz I’ve got you with some tips to stuff a washer and dryer into the tiniest apartments ever. Rule of thumb: Leave no inch of space behind. Washers and dryers can be squeezed under kitchen counters, in closets, and bathrooms. You will be surprised by these unexpected places to put a laundry machine. 

  1. Help yourself with a compact combo unit that is portable enough to put away when not used
7 Small Laundry Room Ideas for Tiny Apartments: Prepare To Be Amazed

Who says a washer or a dryer is supposed to be stationary. What a waste of space if you only use it for a few hours in the week when your kitchen or bathroom is already cramped. So why not get a portable washer/dryer combo unit and put it away when it is not laundry day. 

And the interesting thing is these low-cost units are small enough to be on the countertops and they are super lightweight so you don’t have to worry about hauling it in and out of the storage.

  1. Treat your combo unit like a dishwasher
7 Small Laundry Room Ideas for Tiny Apartments: Prepare To Be Amazed

If you are not a fan of portable washers, then tuck your standard sized unit underneath the kitchen countertop, where it occupies no more space than standard cabinetry. 

But this is where most people fail to make use of this tip. They forget to measure the size of the cabinet and accidentally buy a big machine that doesn’t fit in. So make sure that you measure your cabinetry twice and choose a front-loader model.  

  1. Share closet space
7 Small Laundry Room Ideas for Tiny Apartments: Prepare To Be Amazed

Closets are tall and narrow, which is ideal for stackable washers and dryers. All you have to do is remove the standard rod and shelves and you’ve got a perfect “laundry room”. 

  1. I’m sure you never think of balcony as a laundry room
7 Small Laundry Room Ideas for Tiny Apartments: Prepare To Be Amazed

Having a balcony is a perk that not many urbanites possess. So if you have one, you are lucky that it can be transformed into a laundry space. 

SInce it is probably where you hang the clothes after washing, think of how convenient that is! You don’t have to drag the wet laundry bag around the home to the balcony to hang. 

But keep this in mind, place it under cover so that the rain can’t make your washer rust and break it. 

  1. Place your washer unit in the bathroom

If your bathroom space is roomy enough to accommodate a washing machine, then you should place it there to save space. 

A small bathroom corner is a convenient place to put a washer because you can quickly drop your clothes right after showering in the nearby washing machine.

However, because the bathroom is a frequently humid place, you need to pay attention to where you install the washing machine, making sure that electrical wires are kept away from water to ensure safety for family members.

  1. Add a shelf 
7 Small Laundry Room Ideas for Tiny Apartments: Prepare To Be Amazed

If you can’t install your laundry machines under built-in countertops, just add an extended shelf on top of them. By this way, you have more storage space and maybe it can be served as a table when you throw a party. 

  1. Make your laundry area cheerful with pops of colors

The laundry room is a great place to experiment with colors! A laundry space bursting with personality will make the chore less boring. Create an accent wall with colorful stencil, paint the laminate floors, and install a light fixture

If you’re not ready to play with paint, placing bright floral rugs, plants and decorative baskets in matching colors might be all you need to brighten up the space.

  1. Have you ever thought of the under stair space?
7 Small Laundry Room Ideas for Tiny Apartments: Prepare To Be Amazed

Not all homes are large enough to have a separate laundry room, especially for city dwellers. You may never think of the laundry room at the bottom of the stairs, but Brickhouse Kitchens and Baths has made it a reality. 

Not only can you place one washer and one dryer under the staircase, you still have enough space on top to place laundry baskets. 


What do you think about these ideas? I know that some of these tips cannot be applied to any apartment but hey, let your creativity run wild when it comes to tiny homes. 

I hope you have found yourself a perfect place to put a washer and a dryer or a combo unit in your tiny home. I hope that you can enjoy your sunday without dragging the hamper to the laundromat. 

Thank you for reading to the end. If you have any ideas for a tiny laundry room, please don’t hesitate to tell me. Have fun organizing!